Taken, not earned: our report for Davos week

January 17, 2024 Taken, not Earned: our new report on monopoly power for Davos week

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Oxfam gained wide global media coverage on Monday for its report Inequality Inc., a rich and powerful anti-monopoly document that breaks new ground in a grand new narrative. We are delighted to have collaborated on this, notably on Chapter 2, entitled A New Era of Monopoly Power.

We follow this today with an extensive anti-monopoly package of our own, in partnership with SOMO, Global Justice Now, and LobbyControl. It’s called Taken, not earned: how monopolists drive the world’s power and wealth divide.

It exposes how the world’s biggest companies, and the world’s richest people, all have a dirty secret: monopoly power. It also publishes brand new global research and data on markups (the gaps between prices and costs) and on lobbying in the EU and United States. It also points to new research published today on how top regulators have failed to tackle rising corporate concentration.

This is more than just a report:

  1. Our main report Taken, not earned: How monopolists drive the world’s power and wealth divide
  2. Media briefing – a shortened version of the main report – also In French
  3. Case Study: Finance and Monopoly Power
  4. Case Study: Big Tech and Monopoly Power
  5. Case Study: Big Pharma and Monopoly Power
  6. Case Study: Big Ag Monopolies
  7. Case Study: How monopolists dominate retail
  8. Case Study: Monopoly Power in our Energy markets

Read more in The Counterbalance.

It’s early in the day but we are already seeing some great media coverage.