The Balanced Economy Project is a new organisation dedicated to promoting healthy forms of competition – and tackling harmful competition and excessive concentrations of economic and financial power, around the world. 

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Why anti-monopoly?

Dominant firms are using raw economic and political muscle to squeeze the life out of our economies in pretty much any sector you can think of: agriculture, digital technology, finance, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, music, accounting, eyewear, academic publishing, social care, military procurement and nuclear weapons (yes, really,) cheerleading, retail, and more.

Instead of investing to produce better value goods and services, monopolists are locking down markets to extract wealth, crushing healthy economic ecosystems while also escaping taxes, environmental rules, and other civic obligations.  They use this extracted wealth to bend politics, laws, and public opinion to amass more power to control markets, in a vicious circle.

What we do

Our goal is to re-balance our economies in the wider public interest and roll back a rising tide of oligarchy now threatening our democracies, especially through using the forgotten tools of competition policy.

This website was inaugurated in March 2022. It is a work in progress.