Resisting Monopoly Capitalism: event in London March 25

January 12, 2023 Posts

We’d like to flag an event in London on March 25th, organised by Global Justice Now. Here’s the blurb:

Speakers will include:

  • Parminder Jeet Singh: IT for Change, India
  • Maaza Seyoum: People’s Vaccine Alliance (Ethiopia)
  • Aurélie Trouvé: French MP, parliamentary chair of NUPES
  • Michelle Meagher: Balanced Economy Project
  • Anthony Barnett: Founder, Open Democracy
  • Nicholas Shaxson: Author, Treasure Islands and Finance Curse
    and more to be announced!

Multinational corporations have grown wealthy by monopolising the resources we need to live a dignified life – whether it’s the food we eat, the medicines we need to treat ourselves or the technology which increasingly underlines our day-to-day lives.

These leviathans set the rules of the game, forcing countries to compete with each other. This triggers not only a race to the bottom in terms of workers’ rights and environmental protection, but also leads the way to potentially devastating international conflict.

As such, monopoly capitalism needs to be confronted on an international basis, as well as at the level of the nation state. The movement against monopolies is growing. Only by taxing and regulating, breaking up and taking over these private monoliths can we hope to reclaim our democracy, reverse inequality and leave a habitable planet for future generations.

Join Global Justice Now and allies to discuss what monopoly capitalism is and look at the problems it poses to our food system, medicine production and communications, as well its implications for war and climate change. And we’ll look at how we bring these corporations to heel.

Lunch will be provided on a suggested donation basis.

It’s free, and you can reserve a place here.