The Balanced Economy Project was founded in the UK in 2021. We are dedicated to protecting democracy and tackling monopolies and excessive concentrations of economic and financial power. We focus on countries outside the United States. We are not allied to (and we do not endorse) any political party, and we do not accept corporate funding.



Michelle Meagher


I’m a recovering competition lawyer who has worked in private practice, for regulators, and for international institutions. Senior Policy Fellow at UCL Centre for Law, Economics and Society. My first book, Competition is Killing Us, is out now. I am Executive Director, currently on maternity leave. I am based in London.


Nicholas Shaxson


I write on international finance, corruption and power. I have written for the Financial Times, New York Times, Guardian, Economist, Vanity Fair, Washington Post, Times, Foreign Affairs, IMF, and many others. I am author of Poisoned Wells (2008,) a book about oil and politics in West Africa;  Treasure Islands (2011,) a book about tax havens, and The Finance Curse (2018,) about oversized financial centres. I am acting Executive Director, during Michelle’s maternity leave. I am based in Berlin.

We have also taken on Ulrich Müller, a co-founder of LobbyControl, as a part time network co-ordinator.


Our supporters

We are grateful for significant pro bono support from Catriona MacLay, an experienced former CEO and founder of a successful UK charity; John Christensen, the main founder of the Tax Justice Network (and a co-founder and a director of the Balanced Economy Project;) Vivek Kotecha, a forensic accountant and investigator, as well as Laurel Kilgour, and Max von Thun, who are both advising us on competition and legal matters.

We are grateful for pro bono support from many others behind the scenes, and we are currently building a stable of Senior Advisers.

Our funding

We accept funding from public-interest grantmaking bodies, and individual donations. As of Dec 5, 2022, our confirmed sources of funding are, beyond small individual funders:

You can find our annual accounts here.

Balanced Economy Project has also benefited from significant pro bono contributions in the start-up phase from Michelle Meagher and Nicholas Shaxson, our two main co-founders.