Rebalance Now: launch of a new German anti-monopoly organisation

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We are thrilled to announce the birth of a new anti-monopoly NGO in Germany, Rebalance Now, formally registered in December.

Ulrich Müller, Nelly Grotefendt, Tina Haupt

We have played a role in its formation: Ulrich Müller, on the left in the picture, was our network co-ordinator for much of 2022 and 2023, and we have given some (very light) support towards its foundation. Our close ally Max Bank, though not in the picture, was also heavily involved in its foundation.

We’ve translated and synthesised this, from their website:

“Rebalance Now is a new NGO that opposes the monopoly power of large companies. We promote a change of course towards a more balanced and democratically organised economy, that offers us more freedom and development opportunities, distributes profits, costs and risks fairly around the world, and respects ecological limits.

To counteract the monopoly power of large companies, and the harms that flow from this power, we plan to:

  • Analyse concentrations of economic power in different sectors, and shed light on the damage to people, the environment and democracy.
  • Use antitrust law and other instruments to limit monopoly power and related abuses: contributing our expertise to proceedings in Germany, Europe and internationally.
  • Work on a vision for a diverse and balanced economy that combines decentralised markets, public infrastructures and alternative approaches, and which is focused on the common good.
  • Build a movement for a diverse economy. We encourage and enable people and organisations to participate in antitrust and economic policy.

Welcome, Rebalance Now, to the growing anti-monopoly movement!

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