Competition Training

19 Sep, 2022



Event in Amsterdam kicks off training series for NGOs in competition policy

We run regular sessions of training in how to navigage competition policy, in different countries. Here are the highlights: please contact us if you would like to know more.

We hosted a highly successful training event on competition policy for nearly 15 civil society organisations in Amsterdam last week, alongside Isa Stasi of ARTICLE 19 and Kati Cseres of the Amsterdam Center for European Law & Governance, at the University of Amsterdam.

The programme isĀ here, and the speakers and participants, listed below, included top competition regulators, academics and NGOs.


This was the first of what will become a series, and it marks another step in the nascent anti-monopoly movement in Europe. At the session, civil society groups brainstormed several shared and collaborative projects to work on together, and identified organisations to lead each. We also discussed extensively the different ways that civil society might be able to penetrate the rather fortress-like competition establishment, to start to democratise the system.

We were delighted with the energy and enthusiasm in the room over the two days, and the participants agreed a series of next steps for shared action, which will emerge in the months to come.

Finally, we have a new logo, alongside a website upgrade which will go online in the next few weeks.