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March 25, 2022 Posts

March 2022 – We are currently recruiting for three part time jobs to work with the Balanced Economy Project, a new anti-monopoly organisation.

The ideal start dates are indicated on each application, but we would have some flexibility on timings. The application deadline is April 13th, 2022.

The three roles are below.


  • Network Co-ordinator. You would help develop an ambitious plan to build an anti-monopoly movement outside the United States. The role is for two days per week. Please click here.

  • Operations Manager. You would help build the infrastructure of a new organisation with an ambitious mission. Please click here.

  • Competition Fellow / Associate. You would be a source of expertise, a sounding board, and potentially the originator of new content for the small team at the Balanced Economy Project. This role is currently only offered on a pro bono basis, though we are actively seeking funding. Please click here.

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